Friday, August 7, 2009


My inspiration

When I was growing up I always had the best dresses. They were the best because they usually came in pairs, one for me and one just like it for my older sister. I'm not sure how much my sister liked having her little sister always dressed like her but I loved being twiners with my sister. My mom was a fabulous seamstress and I hope some day to be as good as her, and I'm so glad that she made me and my sister such beautiful clothes. Now I have 2 little girls and for now they love dressing alike. As they get older it is getting harder to find matching clothes lucky for me I can always just make them great dresses. I also love that I can make them clothes that fit their personalities. So, here are a few dresses I've made for my girls. Sorry about the bad pictures.
This years Easter Dresses
Easter Dresses 2007
I made these dresses just this summer just for fun.

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