Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet Hearts

Need something for your Valentines?

I made these aprons and my girls like them so much I don't think they will let me sell them. But I would love to make aprons for you sweet hearts. Children's aprons are $15, and Adult aprons are $20.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trash to treasure

My favorite little fabric store every so often puts out these bags of scraps. They are the the left overs from hemstitched blankets and bib and they sale a whole garbage bag for $2. I've bought 4 so far (Shhh, don't tell my husband) I love these! You never know what your going to get in these bags and most of what is in there is usable but I have had tons of fun turning these bags of trash into treasures.

This is the first quilt I did out of these scraps. I showed it to one of my customers and it was sold before I even finished it. Thanks Sara!

I finished this one yesterday and sold it this morning. Thanks Nicole!

I also made cute daisy quilt. This quilt is still available. It is 42in X 42in and is 100% cotton flannel. It is quilted with the international stitch (kind of like a tied quilt with no ties)

I'm offering this quilt for $45 dollars. Please Email me if you are interested in this quilt or if you have a special request.
Sold! Thanks Bess!
Thanks Alison

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something new. Tips for you.

So, I'm going to try something new and thought I'd offer some sewing tips from time to time. I will try to make them for beginners or non sewers.

My first tip is for all of you with skinny little girls. Thank heavens for adjustable waist pants but sometimes the elastic waist pants won't even stay up on my skinny little girls (they take after their dad) since I really hate to just safety pin them in the back I often run new elastic in these pants.

First, measure how much elastic you will need.

Pin a safety pin the the end.

These particular pants just happen to have a fake drawstring with grommet holes that I can run the elastic through but if your pants don't have that you can just open a seam inside the pants and then sew it up when you are done.

Make sure to secure the other end of the elastic so you don't pull it through. Once you have threaded the elastic through pull it through the same hole you started at.

Sew the ends together. You can do this with a sewing machine or by hand.

Pull the elastic back into the hole.

Now her pants will stay up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The One

For me there is no higher honor than finding out that a blanket I have made is 'the one.' The one blanket that is so special to a little one that they can not sleep with, out it . The one that gets taken everywhere and gets loved to pieces, literally. I have made several such blankets over the years, and one of the most special was for my sweet little Carly.

When Carly was little and I would nurse her she liked to rub the silky camisoles I would wear. When she was upset she would run to me and stick her hand down my shirt so she could feel the silky fabric. I soon realized I needed to find something else to comfort her so I made her a blanket out of the same fabric. She new the moment she saw it she had found the one.

This blanket is still much loved and a required element of bedtime.

At one of the boutiques I did before Christmas I met a woman with a similar problem. I told her about Calry's blankie and she immediately ordered one..
This is the finished product.

It is silky and soft and not too big. Perfect to cuddle.

Carly has even given it her seal of approval and asked if kids can have more than one blankie, because she wants one.

Here is a little preview of some flannel quilts I'm working on.

Let me know if I can make a special blankie for your little one.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

For me

I come from a long line of quilters on both sides of my family. Some 60+ years ago my great grandmother made these blocks. My grandma saved them and I have had them for several years now.

Last winter I pieced them together so that I could begin quilting them. I got maybe a quarter of it quilted before I put it away for a while. Lately I have been in the mood to quilt, so I got it out again.

It may sound crazy to some to try to hand quilt a project as big as this, but I feel like it would be an insult to my Great grandmother to have it machine quilted. Besides, quilting is very relaxing for me. A few winters ago I hand quilted a top made by Great grandma on the other side of my family. It is one of my most prized possession. Hopefully I will be able to finish this one before too long, then I can display them side by side.

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