Thursday, April 29, 2010

For my sweet baby

This sweet little girl is turning five in a few days. I wanted to makes her something special. I never got around to making a quilt for her when she moved into her new bed last year so I decided to make it for her birthday.

Every time we go to the fabric store the girls always love to play with the Minke fabric. Minke is a fabric that is a cross between faux fur and fleece, it is very soft. So I decide to back the quilt in minke, but she also likes silky stuff which is so hard to work with so I decided to make a texture quilt. I use flannel, satin, faux fir, and bumpy minke for the squares and then I bound it in satin. I think she is going to love this quilt. I sure love her!

1 comment:

  1. She is going to LOVE it!! It's so dang cute! And that picture of her is adorable as well, she's gotten so big, I can't believe she's turning 5 soon.


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