Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Years ago, there was this lady who would bring me her mending, everything from missing buttons to holey pants. There was this one pair of pants, her favorite, that I think I patched in about 15 places. I didn't really mind doing her mending it, in a way it was nice to save these clothes. When it comes to my own mending, I hate it. I've been cleaning out closets and changing out the clothes for the summer season and I've come across lots of mending that I have been neglecting. SO today the plan is to mend.
I've been a bit burnt out of sewing lately. I haven't worked on anything since I finished the quilts for my girls for their birthdays. I've also been a little down in the dumps and now I'm starting to wonder if I just need to sew something.
I went to the Machine Home Quilter show last week. It was amazing. I wish I had 15,000 extra dollars and a spare room to be able to buy a quilting machine. My honey took me for date night and I'm pretty sure he would have bought one if we had the means. I really love looking at all the quilts on display. I kept thinking that I wish I had the time to make some of those quilts. They really are works of art.

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