Thursday, December 2, 2010

This time I mean it

So, this time I mean it, I am finally finished with all 7 quilts. I want the quilt to be a surprise so this is the best picture your going to get for now.
I haven't just been making quilts for the past few months, even though it may seem that way.
I made this cape for my nephew for his birthday. This is a really easy project that even a beginning sewer could do. I made mine reversible so, I just cut out 2 cape shapes then sew them them together. Before I sew them together I sewed on the hero emblems which I made from felt. For the Batman symbol I just googled it and then enlarged the symbol and printed it out. Then I traced it to the felt and cut it out and put it on another piece of felt.
For the other symbol I cut our a block letter A (the first letter of his name) free hand and sewed it to another piece of felt. So, once you have sewn the pieces together with the emblems facing each other, you turn it right side out. You attach a collar piece with Velcro on each end and you have a cape perfect for your superhero.

I've also made lots of pajamas and I have lots of sewing planned for Christmas. We will be doing some bags some pillows some dress up clothes and lots more.

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