Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Separation Anxiety

This morning I took my sewing machine in for service. There isn't anything wrong with my machine but, like a car it is very important for your machine to get regular maintenance. The shop I like to take it to was having a $ 20 off service sale, service normally is about $80 for my machine. I had to do some quick work to get some things done before I sent it in, and even though I have a back up machine I'm still having some major separation anxiety about my machine being gone. This sale is kind of a big deal, the sale started at 10 this morning and I got there about 1 (I tried to get there earlier , but I had a dead car battery that slowed me down) and I was already 34 th in line, which means my machine will be gone for about a month. Oh how I will miss it.
I have a Viking Rose machine. it is about 13 years old, but has never given me a minutes worth of problems. It's not the fanciest machine, and just perfect for me but, some times I wouldn't mind having a newer fancier machine. Because of the dead car battery my husband came with me to the sewing machine shop so we looked around at some of the newer machines. He offered to buy me a new one. I can't believe how fancy and expensive the new machines are. I think I'm going to start saving up for a new machine, but I really love my old one.

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