Monday, March 15, 2010

New Orders

I went down to work in my sewing room this weekend and found that some new orders for dresses had been placed.
I'm going to take these 2 little clients to the fabric store tonight so we can pick out some fabrics.

I also got the go ahead to start a big order I have been hired to do. I will be making 6 queen size quilts. They with all be a trip around the world design, is six different colors. I'm very excited for this job, I think it will be lots of fun. I can't wait till I have some free time to go pick out fabric.
I've been working on getting my sewing room more organized but I keep getting distracted. This is my most recent distraction.

Years ago I made a quilt for a friend and had cut out a bunch of triangle for it. I decided I didn't like the fabric for that project and have been looking for a way to use these triangles ever since. I found a pattern last summer. I came across it while I was cleaning and since sewing is way more fun than cleaning, I decided to work on it. I used only fabrics I had in my scrap bins. I really like how the top turned out. I have no idea how or when I will finish it. But if anyone is interested......

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