Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing up a storm.

I have been doing a ton of sewing lately. Some for my girls and some for customers but it's all been fun.

I had been given some black and white polka-dot knit years ago and have never been inspired to make anything from it, but on the last episode of project runway the winning outfit was this cute hoodie outfit, and I finally knew what to make.

I love my sassy girls.

I usually make them special occasion clothes but I don't very often make every day clothes for them so these outfits were really fun.

I've also made a bunch more of the tricot silky blankets.

I also bought another of my scrap bags. I just have so much fun figuring out what to make with the fabric.
This quilt doesn't have a home yet. I'll probably finish it by backing it with the white fabric in the design. It will be about 43X43 when it is finished. I plan to do the international stitch to finish, and it be $55. Let me know if you are interested.

I've also be working on some hoodie towels. They are $12 and can be personalized with a name for another $5,

Purple flowers.

turquoise ladybugs.
These hoodies are great for babies and big kids, for the tub or for at the swimming pool. I have lots more cute fabric and will have more hoodies on the way.

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